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Litavimo stotelė ZD-916Z 60W 220V 480°C
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Litavimo stotelė ZD-916Z 60W 220V 480°C

Kaina: 88.00€ 70.40€

Kiekis: Yra prekyboje
Kodas: 10672
Mato vnt: vnt.

Litavimo stotelė ZD-916Z 60W 220V 480°C I-ZD916 (40318)

  • Designed for Lead free soldering especially
  • Heating up from the room temperature to 350°C in 30 seconds.This tool is used in the fields of electronic research, teaching and production, especially in the repairing and soldering the fields of electronic appliances and communication equipments.
  • The soldering station integrates automatic sleep function.
  • The station will go into sleep status automatically if the soldering iron is not operated in 15 minutes. during the sleep mode, the temperature of the tip will keep around 200°C. This action will reduce and save the power. The life of the tip will be extended a lot because normally the tip will not be oxidated during the sleep mode. and the station will be back to the previous working condition when pick up the soldering iron or push any key.

Technical data :

  • Supply voltage: 220-240V AC
  • Soldering Iron Voltage : 24V AC
  • Power: 60W(Heat up rating 130W)
  • Temperature: 160°C-480°C
  • Function display: LCD display
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