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Belaidė laisvų rankų įranga Plantronics Explorer 55
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Belaidė laisvų rankų įranga Plantronics Explorer 55

Kaina: 38.00€ 30.40€

Kiekis: Laikinai nėra
Kodas: 404095
Svoris: 0.155
Mato vnt: vnt.

Belaidė laisvų rankų įranga Plantronics Explorer 55 

The Plantronics M55 ™ Bluetooth® headset lets you do it
more thanks to voice messages - just say "answer"
to answer the call without using the buttons.
The DeepSleep® feature allows the headset to keep a charged battery
up to 5 months, so it will be ready when you want
listen to music, internet radio or just make a call.

The energy saving function DeepSleep® activates automatically
when your M55 is out of the reach of the phone for more than 90 minutes.
When the handset is again within reach, just touch the button
connection to "wake up" the set. By using the DeepSleep® function you will lengthen
M55 readiness for battery operation up to 150 days.

Basic features:
Construction: Ears
Maximum working time [h]: 11
Frequency response max. [Hz]: 20,000
Frequency response min. [Hz]: 20
Transmission type: Bluetooth

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