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Belaidė kūdikio auklė Nedis
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Belaidė kūdikio auklė Nedis

Belaidė kūdikio auklė Nedis

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Belaidė kūdikio auklė Nedis

Gain total peace of mind that your little one is sleeping soundly thanks to the crystal-clear audio contact and two-way talkback feature provided by this Nedis® Digital Baby Monitor.
This Digital Baby Monitor offers you more than a safe and secure way to check that your child is comfortably asleep, it also allows you to speak to them remotely, from wherever you are in the house.
There are six comforting lullabies you can use as you help your baby to drift off to sleep and, once they are resting, the latest FHSS technology ensures that you can be up to 300 metres away and still have minimal interference with the sound from your monitor.
You’ll find the simple plug and play set up make this so easy to use, and there’s even a handy warning sound to alert you if your monitor loses connection with the base unit.
If you have the volume set to low, any sounds from your baby’s room are also displayed by LED lights on the monitor, providing a visual indication of just how loud the noise is.
For complete mobility and flexibility your baby monitor can be powered by either plugging it into the mains or by using batteries (with 3 x AAA batteries included for the parent unit so that this can be used at home straight out of the box).


• Easy to set-up
• Stable and secure audio connection – free from interference thanks to FHSS technology
• Two-way talkback function – so you can speak to your child wherever you are
• Up to 300 m range – allowing you to be anywhere in the house
• Works from batteries or mains – for complete flexibility
• Six soothing lullabies – to help little one drift off to sleep
• Lights indicate any noise – if you have the volume set low
• Warning sounds – to alert you if your monitor has lost connection with the base unit

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