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Akumuliatorius CR-V3 su įkrovikliu HQ-CHAR-CRV3
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Akumuliatorius CR-V3 su įkrovikliu HQ-CHAR-CRV3

Kaina: 33.00€ 26.40€

Kiekis: Yra prekyboje
Kodas: 15347
Mato vnt: vnt.

Akumuliatorius CR-V3 su įkrovikliu HQ-CHAR-CRV3 (1018)

High speed charger designed for charging rechargeable CR-V3 batteries
• 1 rechargeable CR-V3 battery included.
• Short circuit protection
• Precise over voltage control
• A bi-color LED to indicate charging status
• Flexible to use: AC power supply and 12V car adapter are included!

Warning: Only use the HQ rechargeable Li-ion CR-V3 batteries with this charger! Due to the small differences in charging technology the li-ion CR-V3 batteries and chargers from different brands are not exchangeable.

Additional HQ CR-V3 Li-ion batteries are available with ordercode DCAM.CRV3


• Input power: 9-24 Volt DC, min. 6 Watt
• Charging current: max. 750mA

Included batteries:
- System: Li-ion
- Voltage: 3.0 Volt
- Capacity: 1200 mAh

EAN-code: 5412810070688

Brand HQ
Type Car/Desktop
Battery Type CRV3
Input Voltage 9 - 24DC, 230AC V
Output Voltage 3 V(DC)
Number of Charging Batteries 1
Charging Current 750 mA
Delta V Automatic Charging No
Trickle Charging No
Discharge Function No
Extra Connections No
Included Batteries 1x CRV3
Colour Silver

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