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Litavimo stotelė ZD-929C 48W 220V 480°C
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Litavimo stotelė ZD-929C 48W 220V 480°C

Kaina: 67.00€ 53.60€

Kiekis: Yra prekyboje
Gamintojas: ZHONGDI
Kodas: 10664
Svoris: 1.94
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Litavimo stotelė ZD-929C 48W 220V 480°C I-ZD929C (40306)

 The ZD-929C electronic temperature control soldering station has been developed to meet the present and future needs of the electronics industry. It incorporates a sophisticated eletronic circuit which enables the user to change the tip temperature from 320(160) to 900(480) without changing the tip or heating element. The temperature is maintained within ±10 of its preset temperature. This is made possible by a unique temperature sensor that is located near the tip. resulting in rapid response and little temperature variation. The tip of the unit is isolated from the AC line by a transformer. Low voltage(24 volts) is utilized to power the heating telement-Completely electronic switching protects voltage and current sensitive components against transient spikes sometimes caused by other units utilizing mechanical switching circuits.

Digital display:
With on/off switch
Heater power for soldering iron: 48W
Temperature: 160°C-480°C
Iron voltage: 24Volt
Soldering iron length: 198mm
Soldering station: L170xW116xH96 mm

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