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Aktyvinis dažnio skirstytuvas 2 kanalų
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Aktyvinis dažnio skirstytuvas 2 kanalų

Kaina: 13.00€ 10.40€

Kiekis: Yra prekyboje
Kodas: 19830
Svoris: 0.079
Mato vnt: vnt.

Aktyvinis dažnio skirstytuvas 2 kanalų 

Aktyvinis dažnio skirstytuvas 2 kanalų
Max išėjimo RMS galia: 2.5V
Stiprinimas: 0dB
Slopinimas: 12 dB
S/N santykis: 100dB
Maitinimo įtampa: 9-16V

Get the lowest bass out of your subwoofer with this crossover. By placing it between the line output of your car radio and the line input of your booster only the lower frequencies will be passed to the subwoofer. Including adjustable cutoff frequency, adjustable output level and built-in noise reduction.


• Pre-Cut easy connecting powerline
• Level adjustment control
• Gold-Plated RCA input/output connectors
• 3 Bands crossover frequency switch


• Adjustable Crossover Frequency: 20-1kHz
• Max output: 2.5 Volt RMS
• Gain: 0 dB
• Slope/Rate: 12 dB/Octave
• S/N ratio: 100dB at 1 Volt
• Channel separation: 70dB
• T.H.D.: 0.02% at 0.5 # 2.5 Volt RMS
• Power Supply: 9 # 16 Volt

Sort Booster
Type RCA
Enclosed Parts None
HDCP support No

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