DV pultas universalus programuojamas 2:1
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DV pultas universalus programuojamas 2:1

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Kodas: 70421
Svoris: 0.14
Mato vnt: vnt.
DV pultas universalus programuojamas 2:1 KN-EASYTV01B (0518)

This remote control lasts forever thanks to free internet updating. Satisfies all users wishing to control simultaneously most important functions of both the original DVB-T receivers and TV functions in a single keyboard. No switching from one data bank to the other is needed!

Extra large user-friendly buttons make it ideal for all consumers, hotels and aged people included.

Keeps all settings after batteries are removed.
To program this remote control the KN-PROG-KIT (not included) is required.

• Suitable to combine 2 devices such as TV and any set-top/pay TV set
• Ideal to replace any original remote controls
• Substitutes well over 100,000 original remote controls for TV, VCR, DVD, DVB-T

• Suitable for: Over 4.000 terrestrial digital receivers
• Low battery indication
• Large, user friendly buttons
• Will keep settings when batteries are removed

EAN-code: 5412810159185

Brand König
Device TV
Code Input PreProgrammed
Buttons Rubber
Features 2:1
Surface Plastic
Transmission Infrared
Batteries 2x R3 (AAA)
Colour DarkGrey
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